Dedicated to the dispensation of Quality Education,
in a safe, secure and uplifting environment.
Committed to expanding the
horizons of learning

From The
CEOs Desk

Of all the attributes of a leader, perhaps the most formidable is Vision – the act or power of imagination, foresight, mode of seeing or conceiving. A leader always looks beyond, to venture into probabilities and possibilities, to take into account the imponderables (difficult or impossible to assess). A visionary chart’s a course that chronicles the various stages, anticipated and un-anticipated, of transformation of ideas into reality. This ability to visualize scenarios, and implement the most promising, is not the domain of the not so daring – rather of those seeking to rise above the ordinary, both in thinking and approach. Leaders’ Odyssey School and College is blessed to have such visionaries at the helm, who ponder the imponderables, in seeking fresh insights and perspectives, into redefining and refining the art of learning dispensation. Mr.Zahid Jan, our President/CEO, always seem to be in a perpetual traveling mode – of exploring, researching, seeking answers and solutions, of enlarging horizons. And he continuously shares his fresh perspectives with staff members, exhorting them in the process to raise their individual bars.

Zahid Jan Mandokhail

CEO - Leader's Odyssey School and College

'An essential partnership'
Thoughts of The Principal

In today’s ever-changing world, education needs to adapt while preserving traditional values. At L.O.S.C, we believe in balancing core values with emerging concepts. Both schools and parents must create conducive learning environments for a child’s educational progress. We’re committed to quality education and driving positive change in the system

Heena Iqbal

Principal - Leader's Odyssey School and College


We are dedicated to providing top-quality education in a safe, secure, and uplifting environment. Our approach to learning incorporates curricula and syllabi that go beyond academics, fostering a passion for self-empowerment in every student. We believe in unlocking the inherent attributes within each individual, motivating them to tap into their unique potential. Our ultimate goal is to empower everyone with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to conquer any challenge that comes their way. As part of our holistic education, we strive to instill universal values of humanity, ethics, morality, tolerance, and compassion, while nurturing a profound respect for our environment. 


Committed to expanding the horizons of learning. Ensuring a smooth transition to a connected and digitalized World

The Campus

Experience the epitome of urban schooling at the L.O.S.C. campus, strategically located in a safe and central part of the city. Our smart and self-sufficient vertical units embody the latest trends in education, offering an invigorating learning environment.

Designed with purpose, our school’s cluster of 5 independent sections provides an ideal infrastructure. The impressive 6-level main building features a courtyard, rose garden, and stage for outdoor activities, creating a vibrant space for students to thrive.

The Girls Section, a dedicated 3-level unit for grades 6 to 10, boasts wide corridors and spacious classrooms, embodying the essence of a vertical school. Nestled between the girls section and the main campus, our Reception Centre welcomes students with its colorful and bustling atmosphere, buzzing with planned and improvised activities.

Ensuring the safety and convenience of our staff, the school lane houses a dedicated staff parking compound and a Security Guards office. Our well-monitored traffic management system ensures smooth movement during peak rush hours, providing a seamless experience for students and parents

With round-the-clock security cover, we prioritize the safety and security of our campus, fostering an environment where students can focus on their education and personal growth with peace of mind.