ACADEMICS (Primary School)

At L.O.S.C. we firmly believe that the key to providing quality education lies in the effective implementation of sound academic policies. Every step is taken to ensure that learning, at all levels, is not only purposeful but also empowering for our students. 


Research consistently highlights the paramount importance of a high-quality preschool experience, coupled with an academically effective primary education that spans the crucial first seven years of learning. The foundation laid during these early stages plays a pivotal role in shaping future academic development and overall success. The skills and knowledge acquired during primary education are undeniably foundational and form the bedrock for all subsequent learning endeavors. Armed with these essential building blocks, students confidently ascend the educational ladder, progressing to the middle and secondary levels.


Leaders’ Odyssey School and Leaders’ Odyssey Intermediate College for Girls, F.B.I.S.E. are both affiliated with, The Federal Board of Secondary and Intermediate Information, Islamabad.

Grade 1X & X students appear for the SSC – Part 1, and SSC – Part 2 board exams respectively.

The Intermediate College Grade XI and XII students appear for HSSC – Part 1 and HSSC- Part 2 exams respectively.