L.O.S.C. is a well-integrated complex, with all features and resources integral to a quality learning institution.


L.O.S.C. stands as a well-integrated educational complex, meticulously designed to encompass all essential features and resources required for a high-quality learning institution. From our Preschool, equipped with hands-on tools for a nurturing early schooling experience, to the Primary and Secondary Sections, enriched with teaching aids fostering 21st Century learning skills, each segment of our school operates independently yet harmoniously to support holistic education.

Integrated CMS System


Science Labs


Computer Labs

Trained Security Guards

Learning Management System


The physical environment of L.O.S.C. is thoughtfully maintained to promote a positive and uplifting atmosphere for our students. Our spacious classrooms are furnished with age-appropriate furniture and fixtures, well-lit, and kept at comfortable temperatures throughout the year. We ensure that the learning experience is enhanced through well-equipped science and computer labs, audio-visual connectivity facilitated by smart boards, tablets, and Wi-Fi accessibility.

To streamline and integrate all aspects of school operations, academics, non-academic activities, and administration, we employ state-of-the-art software systems. Our Learning Management System (LMS) and Campus Management System (CMS) enable seamless connectivity and facilitate effective communication among all stakeholders. Online learning has become an integral part of our system, and we utilize platforms such as LMS, Zoom, and Whatsapp to facilitate remote education.

In the quest for uninterrupted power supply, we have implemented backup systems like solar power and UPS connectivity, ensuring a consistent learning environment. Additionally, we have our own underground water supply to meet the school’s water needs. To maintain the hygiene and upkeep of our premises, all common areas, corridors, staircases, courtyard, and surrounding areas are regularly and meticulously maintained, including the washroom facilities.

The well-being of our students is of utmost importance, and we are well-prepared to address health-related concerns promptly. First-Aid facilities are readily available and administered whenever needed, and our counseling services are provided to students as required, ensuring their emotional and mental well-being.

As part of our commitment to safety and preparedness, Civil-Defense drills are conducted to equip our students and staff for any unforeseen events, fostering a secure and responsible learning environment at L.O.S.C.