L.O.S.C. places great emphasis on fostering student engagement through a diverse range of extra and co-curricular activities, carefully designed to enrich and complement the learning experience.

Throughout the school calendar year, various events create excitement and interest. The Creator’s Week, dedicated to seeking spiritual connection and inspiration from the attributes of Allah, marks the beginning of our vibrant activities.


Students Visit | Aitchison College Lahore

Students at a Ceremony at L.O.S.C.

Field Trip to CMH Quetta

Certificates Awarding Ceremony at Aitchison College Lahore

Interactive & Informative Session with Motorway Police

Annual Sports Day at L.O.S.C.

Both on-campus and off-campus happenings cater to a wide array of interests. Students’ creative sensibilities are nurtured through Arts and Craft competitions organized by well-recognized entities at the local and national levels, with our students consistently earning accolades. Aspiring writers can showcase their talent in the school’s ‘Writers Hunt,’ while budding painters can exhibit their flair in the ‘Artistic Adventure.’

For those mentally agile, the Extempore Speech and Mental Math contests serve as mental gymnastics, challenging their intellect. Our students have also participated in Aitchison College Lahore’s online ‘Science & Engineering Concept’ multi-layered contest, demonstrating their academic prowess.

Cooking has become a creative art, and our students enthusiastically participate in our popular Cookery Competition, showcasing their culinary skills.

L.O.S.C. students take part in prestigious national competitions like the Model United Nations hosted by Aitchison College, Lahore, and The Dawn Spelling Bee Competition held in Karachi. They have proven themselves in various Interschool Speech and General Knowledge competitions as well.

Field trips to diverse places of interest provide students with hands-on experiences. Whether visiting institutions of higher learning, flying gliders at the Aero Club, or exploring places like Food Resource Research Centers and Livestock Farms, the opportunities are endless.

Our busy Events Calendar includes outdoor morning meeting presentations on stage, weekly in-class activity hours, science quizzes, guest speaker sessions, and sports excursions, culminating in a week-long Sports Week.

The Preschool’s list of events is colorful and abundant, featuring activities such as Cultural Day, Little Chefs, Pet Day, Talent Hunt, Smile Day, and Grandparents Day, to name just a few. These events create a lively and engaging atmosphere, fostering the holistic development of our young learners.